Welcome Young Mayberry for US House of Representatives

Young Mayberry, candidate for the US House in the proposed CD-6 came to town to visit Graham County. Young shared the fact that he has many family ties to the our great Gila Valley. Upon discussion of our theme of "exporting rural" to the rest of our great state of Arizona, he underscored his belief in a constitutional and limited government. Additionally, he served in the US Air Force for 26 years.

I spent a couple hours talking with him, Wendy Skinner (Campaign Manager) and Duane Rhodes. Young came to us unsolicited and sees Graham County as pivotal to winning the nomination. We were glad to see him.

Young will be at the Graham GOP PC meeting at noon on March 4th, 2022 to share his perspective and how we can move our country forward. He requested all visit his website at

Thanks for dropping by, Young!

Kip Kempton and the Graham County Republican Party.

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