One Nation Under the KGB?

One of the largest threats to your First Amendment rights is garnering little to no media attention. It’s something that seldom crosses American minds, but it’s capable of decimating your ability to peacefully express your opinion. The Democrats have long labeled groups they disagree with as “domestic terrorists”, while turning a blind eye to the violent organizations the fit such an epithet.

This week, President Biden’s administration directed the intelligence community (comprised of eighteen agencies) to conduct a comprehensive review of domestic terrorist organizations. While this sounds like a rational approach, it has real potential to undermine the foundational liberties to free speech and veer far afield of Constitutional protections and domestic law enforcement legality under the 4th Amendment.

Our nation has relied on a ruthlessly efficient infrastructure of intelligence-gathering groups for our security, but statutory law and executive orders have carefully shielded American lives from the glaring scrutiny of these agencies. No American should ever live in fear of clandestine surveillance or covert counterintelligence by a machine they helped to build, and that was intended to keep them safe.

Yet this is exactly the behavior of the Obama administration, with its flagrant violations of FISA law. It's a very real threat from his vassal president currently occupying the White House. During Trump’s administration, these same actors fabricated the Russian Collusion Hoax, the pseudo-quid-pro-quo Ukraine debacle, and most recently, have flung caustic accusations at many conservative advocacy groups. This vitriol may soon have teeth, however, as the Biden administration seeks to deploy American intelligence assets against its own people, targeting political enemies as national threats- borrowing a page from every communist regime and banana republic in history.

The Chairman of the House Intelligence committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA) is salivating at the newfound, extra-Constitutional measure, but Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) have affirmed their commitment to the Constitutional safeguards in place. We’ve seen power grabs from Democrats before, disregarding the National Security Act (which defines intelligence collection as “foreign intelligence” and “counterintelligence” only) by deploying American intelligence resources to kill United States citizens.

Executive Order 12333 limits intelligence activity “for the purpose of acquiring information concerning domestic activities of United States persons,” which falls under purview of our domestic law enforcement agencies, ones that have more transparency and oversight of their activities in interacting with American citizens.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978 also limits the scope of intelligence operations, intentionally curtailing unaccountable surveillance acts like the one that allowed Democrats to secretly investigate Martin Luther King, Jr., and other civil rights leaders in order to curtail their influence.

Our country and her allies face many substantial threats from non-state actors, from the Chinese and Russian intelligence leviathans, nuclear-hungry Iran and North Korea, and cartels and human traffickers the world over. We’ve spent decades honing tradecraft that so far has kept us at the forefront of these threats, but we now face a very real concern that an intellectually compromised puppet president is turning this weapon on our own people. These efforts are led by the pathological liar currently chairing the HPSCI. These are the same actors that have a proven track record of FISA court abuse, of weaponizing domestic intelligence capabilities against their political opponents, and who have perjured themselves in Congressional hearings to cover these up. Nine Republican representatives stand in the way of the most powerful intelligence apparatus in history being unleashed on American lives, for the crime of wearing a red MAGA hat, for peacefully protesting abortion or pornography, or for flying the “Thin Blue Line” flag to thank our police officers. Or maybe even… for writing this article.

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