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"Get involved. Get loud .Get informed.

The family is a state."

-Laura Ingraham

We believe in the pursuit of happiness of our own accord. Ours is a proud tradition of that pursuit, found in the American dream of hard-working, rural Arizonan life. We unwaveringly support our Constitution, and our local and state law enforcement and border patrol personnel. We are dedicated to upholding the rule of law in representative government that reflects your goals, values, and morals, in your local leadership. We support your right to free speech, of individual expression and choice in your schools and workplaces. We seek to instill in our children a deep sense of gratitude and pride for our nation, as well as skills and opportunities to build an even greater America tomorrow.

Our greatest export is the values of rural life- the strength of families and communities, of hard work and self-determination, and passion for liberty for every Arizonan pursuing happiness. We affirm the sanctity of life and the inherent and immutable nature of gender identity and purpose. We are determined to strengthen the American family as the basis of successful and civil society. We wish to live life under the dictates of our own conscience, and to allow everyone the same privilege. We reject the collective will of an increasingly radical agenda that seeks to violently enforce a failed worldview upon our families. Censorship and suppression are the tools of cowards and tyrants incapable of convincing others of their position through peaceful means. We unapologetically reject these.

Our forefathers fled such despotism, and we refuse to abandon their efforts today or ever. We have learned much with this great experiment in American democracy, and we are committed to building on all that is decent in their legacy, in changing our conduct, and not our history. To abandon the principles of our Constitutional past risks the downfall of the American society and threatens the peace of its fundamental unit: the family.

We will defend the family, our Constitution, and every ally that supports us in this endeavor. Our position is one of mutual progress and attenable peace. We invite every American to pursue personal improvement, free from the mandates of an administrative state that rules by fiat and threat. We will not live under tyranny. Individuals empowered with freedoms protected by our Nation’s founding documents, will cross continents, reach the moon, build opportunities, and conquer the dark past of servitude and poverty. We believe in the greatness and the invincibility of the human spirit and realize that nowhere else is it so exemplified than in these United States. We embrace the dawn of a new age of patriotism and progress. We invite you to join us and do the same.